AMP Circular

Welcome to AMP Circular. AMP Circular is not a typical business but rather a platform that sits under the Allmould Plastics Group to manage circular and recycling programs through the public and private sectors in Australia.

AMP Circular was born out of Allmould Plastics Group directors being concerned and conscious about the environment and indeed our oncoming generation livelihoods and living conditions. To many decisions, if not all commercial decisions are made relating to $$$’s with no thought of the impact it has on the environment. Australia is on the eve of a huge rubbish conflict because by mid-2024 when the full Chinese waste export ban comes into effect, Australia must recycle around 650,000 additional tonnes of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres each year.

AMP Circular seeks to disrupt this mentality and look for ways to turn used/virgin plastic products and material into a circular loop and give the materials/polymers a second life that extends well off into the future. For example a single use virgin plastic part in the medical game can be, collected, re-granulated and put into a product that has a 20 year plus life with the possibility to turn the part around yet again and reuse it thereafter. Accordingly to University Studies there is an average waste of 7.2kg per bed and predominantly this large amount is made up of single use plastic products and packaging that can, if managed and sorted be used in a circular economy.

Allmould Plastics Group has the expertise, contracts, knowledge and equipment to turn ready made parts and products, primarily Polypropylene, into new life products through our extensive product portfolio. With plastic divisions in Packaging, Construction, Medical and Specialized custom moulding sectors our route to market is already established. As a group we encourage our clients to discussed and be open to using recycled material in their products, these conversation normally involve into percentages of the final product being recycled material, which in turn helps towards our vision of “closing the green loop”.

AMP Circular is open to all discussions on any materials and feed sources/stocks that can be re-used and circulated within the injection moulding process.

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